Went out to eat with Sensei after Kabuki to a Yakiniku

Jake From State Farm's Adventures in Japan


So tonight after we went to a Kabuki play for class, I joined Sensei, Austin, Teall for dinner. We went to a place where you can grill your own food at your table. Its called a Yakiniku and it was so good. We had several dishes, the ones on the left were an egg dish and a vegetable dish. On the right we had a noodle dish that I forgot the name of xD So basically what happened was that we got seated and then a lady came up and showed up how to cook the food. She spread lard on the grill and then began to cook the dishes on the left. She added several things to it including ground seaweed. You can see in the pictures that we got spatulas that we used to scrap the food from the grill. I also had two beers which were really good…

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